Affiliate Disclosure

Hello there, it’s Helen Even Chen and I’m the founder of Insightout Digital.

I want to make sure that it is clear that this website is a for profit venture and I want you to know exactly how I generate income from this website .

Full disclosure:

This website contains affiliate links for products that I personally use and believe that they’re worth promoting, such as WordPress products, Beaver Builder, Amazon Associates, Clickfunnels, to name a few. Among my many hats, I’m an affiliate marketer and throughout the pages and posts on this website you will encounter affiliate links to products and services that I recommend as an affiliate. However, all opinions are mine and our blog is in no way sponsored by any of them.

When you click on these links and purchase, I can receive a commission and this is how I get compensated for the time and energy that goes into writing the blog here on

Not all links on this website are affiliate links, but you should assume that all links that discuss digital or physical products and take you to another website are affiliate links.  You should expect that I will earn a commission if you follow links from my site and purchase. However, there is no additional cost to use, it’s simply a small commission paid to me by the vendor for introducing you to their stuff. You never have to buy anything.

With that said, I only promote or link to products and services I
personally have researched, vetted, tested, believe in, and items that I
personally use.

You should assume that Insightout Digital or Helen have an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection, to any suppliers of goods and services that may be discussed here, and may be compensated for recommending products or services, or linking to the supplier’s website.