Google Shopping

If you’re operating in the online retail space and especially if you’re fully reliant on online traffic to generate sales, such as DTC brands, it is essential that you utilize the power of Google Shopping to bring you highly targeted traffic.

New report from Adthena shows that US retailers now spend 76.4% of their Google ads budgets on Google Shopping ads and generate 85.3% of their clicks there. Essentially, Google is the new storefront. But, auditing hundreds of accounts it has become clear that while many accounts do well on Google Search, their shopping campaigns struggle and often turn into a budget black hole. Often the reason is that shopping campaign are different mainly because you can’t simply target keywords and must rely on Google to show the right product at the right search query.
To solve this issue, we’ve developed an advanced shopping strategy that includes not one but three shopping campaigns system, utilizing the advanced query level bidding. We research how your shoppers search for your products and what’s their buying intent to create a highly converting long term system.

Search behavior tells us how users search for information online. Monitoring search trends and analyzing patterns help us identify a target audience’s pain points and interests. Predicting consumer behavior with web search data helps us make informed decisions when executing search campaigns.

We specialize in Google Ads strategy and campaign creation developed from insights on search psychology and search behavior. Understanding how shoppers find you and why they convert allows us to build highly granular SKAG (single keyword ad groups) campaigns and pinpoint how we should capture cold audience (KW Search & Dynamic Search) as well as retargeting previous visitors with RSLA.

Google Display

Google Display Network consists of more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps where display ads appear. Display Network sites reach over 90% of Internet users around the world. We can use digital display marketing to show targeted ads in particular contexts (e.g. ‘outdoor lifestyles’ or ‘’), to particular audiences (e.g. ‘young moms’ or ‘people shopping for a new sedan’), in particular locations, and more.
Often times, Google Display considered less effective due to their low click through rate and very low conversion rate, but, there are many top of funnel benefits to having display ads visible across the web at all times: such exposure, building brand awareness and brand liking due to the psychological bias known as familiarity bias or mere exposure effect. However, without a solid plan and continuous management, Google Display campaigns can easily turn into the land of forgotten ads.

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