INSIGHOUT Visual Branding

Visual Branding

InsightOut has partnered with Red Bus Creative to provide a full range of behavioral design services. Behavioral design is the application of behavioral sciences research insights from fields such as:

  • Psychology
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Behavioral economics
  • Sociology
  • Cultural studies.

Scientific findings allow us to determine exactly what influences a customer’s decision-making process so that we can offer digital marketing design that caters to the customer’s key needs.

From building a website to increasing landing page conversions, we offer behavioral design services to help you optimize your marketing and branding strategy from the ground up. 

Visual Brand Storytelling

Traditional marketing is breathing its last breath and giving way to visual content, the new context in which successful brands now live. Companies need to tell engaging stories in an authentic and entertaining way to attract customers and invoke positive associations to the brand — especially in highly competitive markets.

We are here to help you develop your storyboards, storylines, and storytelling strategy.

Brand Mood Boards

An advertising mood board captures the essence of your business and brand. It’s an inspirational and aspirational piece the sets the style of a brand with colors, patterns, textures, and the overall feeling that contributes to the final brand design.

We’ll create a designer mood board with a collage of photos, text, and objects that best define the brand concept. Mood boards are excellent visual tools for combining multiple ideas into one single, original concept.

Business Identity Design

Developing a business identity involves incorporating all of your brand’s visual symbols, value propositions, goals, tone of voice, and communication style into one cohesive presentation.

Your brand identity must be consistent across your logos, marketing collateral, web presence, content marketing initiatives, advertising, packaging, and other tangible and visual elements.

We are here to help you design a business identity that is easy to recognize, resonates with your target customer, and helps you develop a strong online and offline presence.

User Experience

Have you ever wondered why your users are not interacting with your product the way you had hoped or why your conversion optimization efforts aren’t doing anything?

A poor user experience may be to blame. When you forget that real people are using your website and need the easiest way to get to their goal, you miss the chance to map out their path with the right CTAs, buttons, forms, and content.

We’re here to help you develop and optimize the user experience specifically for your target market and sales goals. We’ll make use of market research insights, social media activity data, and landing page behavioral data to determine exactly where users are dropping away and design a user experience that appeals the majority of your site visitors.