INSIGHTOUT Digital Behavior Consulting


When you need help developing an idea, reviewing trends, or simply want to learn how to execute a fully developed idea, we are your answer for strategies focused on behavioral research findings and digital consumer behavior.

We discover where your clients and consumers hang out, how they think and how they use your product to create a true customer-centered strategy.



Developing pricing strategies based on known perception biases to optimize brand perceptions, positioning and increase sales.

New Product Development

Developing new products to solidify positioning, expand brand promise, and strengthen brand associations for maximum impact and improved product launches.

Naming Your Business

Naming a company, website, brand, or product that carries powerful emotional connections and strong conceptual associations in the consumer’s mind.

Target Audience Development

Developing and defining the optimal target audience to create branding strategies, positioning, pricing and advertising campaigns that work.

Buyer Personas

Semi-fictional representation of an ideal customer based on real data on existing customers and market research. Includes demographics, behavior patterns, aspirations, motivations, needs, and goals.

Mind Mapping

Graphic representation of the brand framework such as associated concepts, ideas, design, perceptions, and colors.


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